Tips on how to use small crankbaits to catch bass in winter

As we enter the doldrums of winter and await spring, you can still hit the water and catch plenty of bass using small crankbaits.

Crankbaits that are ¼-ounce or smaller can help you lure bass during these months. Smaller crankbaits are versatile and let the angler expand the conditions and waterways they fish. A wide depth range means you can fish in water less than a foot deep without it getting stuck on the bottom or go as deep as six feet to find bass where they hold up in late winter and early spring.

There are some tips on how to get the most of using a small crankbait. When you downsize to a smaller bait, it helps appeal to fish whether they are in the mood to eat or not. This is especially effective in early spring when crawfish become active. Using a crankbait with crawfish colors, such as dark red, will attract bass to your bait.

Anglers will also want to choose crankbaits they can cast a far distance. According to Wired 2 Fish, crankbait effectiveness and efficiency come through being able to launch a bait and cover a good stretch of water. They can be tough to cast due to their lighter weight, especially when the wind is blowing.

Using a light fluorocarbon line and a moderate power rod helps increase casting distance.

Be sure and monitor water and weather conditions for small crankbait retrieves. When water is murky and cool in later winter and early spring, a slow to medium retrieve works best. If things are tough, it may a good idea to stop the lure. This cause the crankbait to float back up into the face of any fish that may be following it.

Connect Outdoors offers an FBC Square Bill Crankbait in their shop. It has a hollow body and BB rattlers designed to entice any fish. It is made of durable ABS plastic and is very responsive in the water. The squarebill helps the bait bang and glide over rocks and obstacles to provoke a reaction strike.

It is available in a variety of colors and can be found here.

Let us know in the comments your best tips for using small crankbaits to land big fish.