How to spend your fishing gift card

Christmas has come and gone, and you received the best gift any angler can get a gift card. But how best to spend it?

There are a few ways to maximize the benefit you get out of a fishing gift card. Here are some good ideas on how to get the most of your gift card and make it go a long way. Some of the most common prices for gift cards are $20, $60 and $100. We’ll break down some great gifts in these price ranges.

Gifts for $20

If you’ve received a $20 gift card, there are a few ways you can spend it. Check out the Connect Outdoors shop. If you’re in the market for some great lures, there are plenty to be found within a $20 price range. For instance, check out our FBC – Bluegill Swimbait. This bait features a realistic profile and detailed paint job with glossy coat to match the look and size of a bluegill.

It retails for $9.99 which gives you another $10 to spend. If you’re still looking for baits, you can get one of our deep dive crankbaits which retail for $6. You can also go with one of our FBC Ribbed Paddletail baits for $4.99 or one of our FBC Square Bill Crankbaits for $3.99.

If you’re not looking for any bait, check out Connect Outdoors Men’s T-shirt. You can find a variety of sizes and colors and it costs $19.

Gifts for $60

There are quite a few items you can purchase in our store with a $60 gift card. You can purchase a one-year membership which allows you to enter tournaments throughout the year as well as receiving discounts and access to members-only tournaments and contingency prizes.

You can also purchase any number of clothing items in the store. Prices range from $19 to $29 meaning you can put together a whole outfit with a $60 gift card.

Gifts for $100

Someone went all out and bought you a $100 gift card. You can get a couple of things with that amount of money. You can buy our ConnectScale 3. The ConnectScale 3 has increased capacity to 110 pounds, keeps track of catch data in a journal or log book. Information such as water temperature are important bits of information to record on every trip. The ConnectScale Bluetooth Digital Scale and Fishing App system automates this process for you.

We hope you had a joyous Christmas with the people you love. Use this guide to help you find items to make your next fishing trip the best one yet.