Fishing Challenge: 100 Boat Docks in One Day

Tyler Anderson recently attempted a challenge to fish 100 boat docks in one day and record his best 5 biggest bass limit.  Watch all of the action below from his YouTube Channel TylersReelFishing to see how he used his ConnectScale 3 and the ConnectScale Fishing App Culling Feature to record all of the action!


As you can see from the action Tyler had a good day weighing over 16 score-able bass.   The ConnectScale Culling feature helped him quickly and eaisly track his best 5 total throughout the day.   By weighing his catch the app would send a notification telling Tyler if that catch would upgrade.    



TylersReelFishing ConnectScale 3

At the end of the day Tyler ended with a Best 5 total of 16.71LBS.  With an average Weight of 2.25 LBS and a big catch of 4.34 LBS. 

ConnectScale App Culling Feature - Total Weight

Some of the gear that Tyler used during this challenge:  

Lew's TP-1 Black Speed Stick Casting Rod. 



Lew's TP1XHA Tournament Pro LFS Speed Spool Bait Cast Reel, 8.3:1 120/12, RH, ACB, 120/12-35"


Seaguar Abrazx 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (20-Pound)


Tyler plans to attempt this challenge again on waterways throughout the US.  What do you think will be the best 5 bag?  

Have you completed the 100 Boat Dock in One Day Challenge using the ConnectScale Fishing App?   If so send us your results and we will share our community.