Favorite Fall Fishing Baits

With Fall comes cooler temperatures but that doesn't mean that Bass Fishing has to cool down.  Bass fishing in the fall can be tricky, but it can also provide big rewards if you know what you are doing. Having the right baits is an important piece of knowledge.   

Connect Fishing League Member and ConnectScale ProStaffer Nathan Grant recently wrote a blog post on his favorite fall fishing baits.   We wanted to share it as well as some recommended baits that we suggest you try this fall. 

Top 3 Favorite Fall Baits - By Nathan Grant

As the summer heat starts to leave and cooling temperature arrive, the water temperature begins to drop, and it is time for fall Bass fishing. For some, fall is for hunting and fishing gets put on hold, but for me I love to fish all year round. In the fall I have three go to baits that always seem to produce for me, they are my top three fall bass fishing baits. 

Chatter Bait (Bladed Jig)

The chatter bait has grown to be one of my favorite baits over the last couple years. I have seen massive success with the chatter bait, especially in the fall. The chatter bait has worked great for me in muddy water and in clearer water situations. The vibration you get from the bait drive the fish crazy. My favorite way to fish a chatter bait is over large grass patches and running it through tullies. The chatter bait is very versatile, as it can be ripped through grass, burned back to the boat, or slow rolled for deeper bass. One of my favorite things about the chatter bait is the feeling of a fish smashing it. I have never had a nibble on a chatter bait, it just always gets smashed.

Our Favorite ChatterBaits*

Z-Man Original ChatterBait, 3/8-Ounce, Green Pumpkin Purple

Z-Man Chatterbait, Blue Black, 3/8-Ounce

Strike King Tour Grade Rage Bladed Swim Jig, Black/Blue, 1/2-Ounce


The Jig

You may be seeing this and asking, “which one”? Football, skipping, swim jig? I will just say yes, yes and yes. In the fall I primarily throw a football head jig but have thrown a little bit of everything in the jig realm. I love throwing black and blue, but this last year saw a lot of fall success throwing a skirt less football head. This is one of my go to slow down baits, when the bite gets tough, I can drag it on the bottom, pop it, or if I really want to, I can swim it. The bite on a jig is so different and sometimes it just feels heavy (so different from the chatter bait). I love throwing the jig around any type of cover, such as   docks, laydowns, bridge pilings and again fishing in through the tullies. This is not always the first thing I will grab, but I always have it tied on in the fall. 

Our Favorite Jigs*

Football Jig - Strike King Lures TDJ12-2 Tour Grade Football Jig, 1/2 oz, Black/Blue, per 1

Skipping (Flipping) Jig -All Terrain Skipping Jig (Watermelon Red, 1/4 oz)

Swim Jig - Lunkerhunt Skirted Swim Jig Fishing Lure, Blue Gill


Spinner Bait

The spinner bait is one of the first baits I used when I was learning to Bass fish and it has been one of my favorites ever since. It is one of the best search baits out there and comes with many different options for different situations. You can fish muddy water with Colorado Blades or clear water with Willow Blades, your color choices are practically unlimited, however, for me, Chartreuse has always given me success. This is another versatile bait that you can do a lot of different things with, one of my favorite ways to fish a spinner bait is to slow roll a big spinner bait for deep schooling Bass. Fish a big one, or something smaller, just always have one ready to go.

Our Favorite Spinner Baits*

Strike King Potbelly Spinner Bait (White.375-Ounce) Colorado Willow Blades

BOOYAH Colorado/Indiana Blade - White/Chartreuse - 3/8 oz

Z-MAN Slingbladez Spinner Bait, Freshwater, 3/8 oz, 5/0 Hook, Bluegill, Package of 1 (SBT38-07)

These baits are not all that I use in the fall, the drop shot, jerk bait, wacky rig, and a few others also make fall appearances, but these are my top three. Fall is fast approaching, and it is one of my favorite times a year to fish. Take the time to get out there this fall, throw your favorite bait around and build some awesome memories. Let us know your favorite fall baits, tight lines and go catch a big one.


Article Written By Connect Fishing League Member & ConnectScale ProStaff Member Nathan Grant 

*Favorite baits listed were recommended by Connect Outdoors Staff.