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Nathan Hance

Nathan Hance Angler Profile Connect Outdoors Pro Staff Team

About Me:

I started fishing tournaments in high school and fell in love with the competition side of fishing as well. I consider myself a equal opportunity fishermen and will fish for anything that is biting even though bass fishing is my true passion. I love teaching my kids about the sport and helping others learn about the sport of fishing. I enjoy making videos, writing blogs and sharing my stories with others.

Nathan Hance Connect Outdoors Pro Staff

Favorite Species: Largemouth Bass

Personal Best: 5.00 LBS

Home Lake & Favorite Lake: California Delta

Outdoor Activities: Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking

Favorite Rod: "I have used many great brands and models and am still finding a favorite."

Favorite Reel: Lew's Crush


Favorite Bait: Torrent Lure Company Chatter Bait

Favorite Accessory: Humminbird 360



I consider my biggest accomplishment to be the people I have helped get into the sport and learn more about the sport through personal time on the water, videos and blog writings.

Nathan Hance Connect Outdoors Pro Staff